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Shield technology development co., ltd was established in 2004 with more than 15 years of industry accumulation and has always adhered to the path of independent research and development. It has now developed into a leading domestic high-end digital inkjet equipment provider.In 2019, the modern digital printing exhibition center of 1600 square meters was completed and opened, laying a solid foundation for the further implementation of the national strategic layout. Shield technology development co., ltd has a perfect team structure including design, R & D, production, sales and after-sales service,and is committed to the research and innovative application of digital inkjet technology, visual technology, hardware and software,who is an innovative enterprise that masters the core technologies of digital inkjet and machine vision.Relying on the core technical advantages of visual inspection, digital inkjet, and big data processing, Shield technology development co., ltd continues to work in the field of variable data coding and on-demand printing of books and periodicals,that has formed three major business segments of digital inkjet printing, high-end printing, and digital post-printing, covering multiple market segments from bills to fast printing, publishing labels, packaging, etc. Shield technology development co., ltd aims to establish a digital printing system in an all-round way, and tailor the most optimized solution for the majority of printing and packaging companies for end-brand users. After more than 15 years of technical research and market expansion, Shield technology development co., ltd has been at the forefront of the industry, and its product technology has reached international advanced levels.Nowadays, digitalization, intelligence, greening and integration are the inevitable trends of the industry development,Shield technology development co., ltd will keep pace with the times, market-oriented, customer-centric, serve world-class brands, and develop world-class markets.Under the guidance of market competition, Shield technology development co., ltd continues to carry out technical challenges to provide the printing and packaging industry with perfect and perfect technologies, products and solutions, that continues to promote and lead the healthy and orderly development of the domestic printing and packaging industry.


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