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Hot products
Pre-Press Equipment
Pneumatic Lipping Machine
Future CAM
Auto cutters
Hydraulic Jacking Rule Container
Auto-Lifting Rule Cassette Holder
Ultrabender EC-400
Ultrabender BB-020
F20L Automatic Feida cover-feeder binding machine
Kingjun SV5000 sheet-fed digital post-press solution for efficiency enhancement
Kingjun SF7800 ultra high speed sheet paper coding solution
Program Control Paper Cutter
Guowei Intelligent cutting production line
CIP4 Intelligent cutting machine
Automatic paper unloading machine (auxiliary equipment)
Loader Machine(Auxiliary equipment)
Servo Precision High Speed Sheet Cutter
Program Control Paper Cutter
INKJ DT8801 Large Format INKJ Rotary Digital Printing Equipment
Yingkejie color inkjet rotary digital printing equipment INKJ DT6601C
Yingkejie black and white inkjet rotary digital printing equipment INKJ DT6601S
Yingkejie black and white inkjet rotary digital printing equipment INKJ DT6601
Yingkejie color inkjet rotary digital printing equipment INKJ DT4401C
Yingkejie two-color spot color inkjet rotary digital printing equipment INKJ DT4401S
YingKkeJie black and white inkjet rotary digital printing equipment INKJ DT4401
paper bag machine ZXJD-260
SWY- Custom punching cutting moon digger
SWY-25 lunar excavator
PJQ-100 flat corner cutting machine
SJQ-120A corner cutting machine
SJQ-120 corner cutting machine
SDQ-100 manual angle cutter
K21A Smart Board cutter
R21 Smart casemaker
YMQ-350 die cutting machine
RKFD330 Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine
YMQ-260 die cutting machine
YMQ-200 die cutting machine
YMQ-115 die cutting machine
BQ-270VCbookbinding machine with gum
Automatic Folder Gluer
folder gluer
LK600 automatic die cutting machine for hang tag
LK2-106MT automatic hot foil stamping die cutting machine in one pass
Special glue for mobile phone box packaging automatic box making machine
Special glue for cosmetic packaging automatic box making machine
Special glue for automatic box making machine for food packaging
Special glue for high-speed box gluer for pill box packaging
Special glue for high-speed box gluer for daily chemical packaging
Special glue for food packaging high-speed box gluer
Label Printing Quality Inspection Machine
CNC Stripping Machine
HX Automatic High Speed Hardcover Book Production Line
ASJ Board Book Cover Casing In Machine
ASJ Board Book Mounting and Pasting Production Line
HX6000 Automatic Book Block Back Gluing Line
HX60 PLUS High Speed Case Making Machine
HX36B Automatic Elastic Band Fixing Machine
HX2000 Automatic Ribbon Inserting Machine
CP Gantry Pallet Folding Machine
CP Flat Pile Folding Machine
CP Round Pile Folding Machine
Waste Stripping Machine
6810S/5710S Heavy duty hydraulic paper cutter
G260 intelligent glue binding machine
G270 intelligent glue binding machine
G80 Intelligent double mode frequency conversion glue binding machine
ZF390AN Multifunctional Envelope Making Machine
ZF-250A envelope and red pocket making machine
JWEI LST03II-0806-RM paper box cutting machine
JWEI Box cutting machine
5010PX/6710PX Hydraulic Program-control Paper Cutting Machine
4808HD Programing Paper Cutting Machine
RBJ-350Star 3 IN 1 Full varnish-digital plotter-semi-rotary die cutting machine
RBJ-350A Digital plotter cutting machine
RBJ-M370FA Flatbed two stations hot stamping and die cutting machine
RBJ-M370FA Flatbed single station high speed die cutting machine
Digital die cutting machine
High speed hot stamping and die cutting machine
UV lamps for Heidelberg printing machines, UV curing lamps, ultraviolet lamps, mercury lamps
Automatic horizontal paper collator
Calendar collator machine
Tobacco Packing Collator
High speed paper collator
PPO Pure Plant Oil Based Offset Printing Ink
PSE Soybean Oil Based Offest Ink
PUV Curing Printing Ink
Adhesives for book binding
Hot-melt adhesives for paper bags
Water-based adhesives for paper packaging
CMC PaperPro
CMC CartonWrap
Tecnau Roll to Saddle Stiching
Tecnau continuous cut & stack
ZK-582 Full Automatic Box Folding Machine
TLC-250 Rotary Label Press
Code matching machine
STF-340 Flexo Press
Two color bill printing machine
Multi wheel transfer page machine
Multi layer correction and punching folding machine
Multi roll commercial paper printing press
Multi linked bill rotary printing machine
Reel paper rotary printing and binding linkage line
High-speed cash register paper slitting machine
SUMEI-DEQ (Digital EQ)
Paper webbing
series mechanics hand
Book Block Rounding Machine
KM460cf Advance Inkjet Web Press
SHIELD JingChi HD12000 Variable data printing system
ELGUIDER Web guiding System DRS1076/2076
TRIOPRESS Automatic High Speed Duoble Hot Stamping &Die Cutting Machine with Stripping&Heating System
Post-Press and Packaging Converting Equipment