65% of AIP 2020 booths have been booked. Packaging Printing is the most popular pavilion.

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Since April 2019 when the booth application of All in Print China 2020 was started, many new and old exhibitors have booked the booths. By the middle of July, 65% of the booths have been booked, occupying 70,000 sqm.

As the weathervane of printing industry, All in Print China reflects the market development and prospects in all aspects. According to the latest booths application data of AIP 2020, among all the thematic pavilions, the most popular one with the exhibitors is the "Packaging Printing" section, which indicates the irresistible development trend of the packaging industry to a certain extent.
With population growth and consumer income in industrialized areas increase, consumer demand for digital packaging continues to rise, and packaging will become one of the most potential markets. According to statistics, the global packaging and printing industry market size in 2017 was $851 billion, and it is expected to reach $1 trillion by 2021.
Thanks to the rapid growth of China's economy and the continuous expansion of downstream demand, the growth rate of China's packaging printing market is much higher than the global industry average. In 2017, the main business income of China's packaging printing industry (excluding packaging machinery sub-industry) was $159 billion, an increase of 9.2% compared with 2016.
With the rapid development of technology, packaging printing technology has combined with emerging technologies, contributing to the appearance of many new technologies, such as electrostatic printing, inkjet printing and digital printing technology.
At All in Print China 2020 which will be held on October 12-16, 2020 in Shanghai, you will see the innovative technologies and products brought by many packaging printing machine suppliers and can discuss about the future development of packaging printing with industry colleagues from the globe.



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