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Konica Minolta introduces entry-level press range

Konica Minolta has refreshed its entry-level production toner press line with the introduction of the AccurioPress C4080 series. Comprising three models offering up to 81ppm (A4), the new presses have a number of quality, flexibility, automation and durability enhancements.


Consisting of the 81ppm AccurioPress C4080, the 71ppm AccurioPress C4070 and the 66ppm AccurioPrint C4065, these offer a range of enhancements over the outgoing C3080 line that was introduced in March 2018, of which the company sold over 7000 across Europe. Aimed at small-to-mid sized commercial printers, inplant/CRD and quick print shops, they offer paper handling at up to 360gsm and including embossed or coated papers, as well as the ability to print envelopes (albeit at reduced speed) in standard configuration machines.


Long sheet options have been extended, with duplex printing to 864mm and simplex to 1300mm, thanks to an improved paper path. A substantially expanded range of paper profiles is supported, covering many major brands across the world. Normal finishing options such as booklet making, stapling. wire and perfect binding are complemented by the inline capabilities of the TU-510 cutter. Introduced alongside the AccurioPress C14000 production press in late 2019, the TU-510 is a four-edge trimmer and creaser that allows full bleed finishing for banners, booklets, direct mail and business cards; horizontal and vertical perforation and top creasing for book covers are to be added by the end of this year. The LS-507 twin tray  stacker option is available, supporting up to 3000 output sheets.


Quality improvements include an effective 3600 x 2400dpi resolution similar to that of the AccurioPress C6100, supported by an application-specific chip to maintain image quality at rated speed, and expanded capabilities in the IQ-501 Intelligent Quality Care unit are said to provide real-time colour and registration adjustment while enabling the creation of colour profiles without specialist skills. Front-to-back registration for duplex printing is improved via trapezoidal correction, and users may print and measure their own test charts for this.


The C4080 and its siblings are presented with a choice of DFE, either Konica Minolta’s own IC-609 (for the two ‘press’ designated variants) or IC-607 (for the AccurioPrint C4065), which now boast increased Ripping speed, or EFI Fiery-based units (IC-317 for the ‘Press’ models or IC-419 for any of the three). Production printing manager Ines Wennemann said the choice of DFE type would depend on the surrounding systems, with sites using EFI colour technology elsewhere probably wishing to stay within that environment, while users of KM’s AccurioPro suite or Flux Pro workflow would gain better integration via the company’s own controllers.


Improvements to durability and maintainability include a warning screen to prompt cleaning of the charging electrode, which can prolong its life, plus the ability for measurement and correction data from the IQ-501 unit to be sent to KM’s CS Remote Analysis system for predictive maintenance. 


The new models begin shipping this week and are expected to be available for remote demonstration in the KM virtual showroom in the first quarter of 2021.