AIP 2022 International Printing Day was successfully held on 27th May 2022

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More than 200 international buyers, nearly 50 China exhibitors and 3,800+ global trade visitors gathered on May 27th, which meant AIP 2022 International Printing Day was held successfully. The activity included Comprehensive Printing Live, Paper Packaging & Post-Press Live, Online Matchmakings etc., which had gotten large positive feedback from the exhibitors and buyers.


With the resources of rich exhibitors, global networking, and international buyers, the activity was broadcast both on All in Print cloud and Twitter, which aroused numerous strong responses in printing industry.


Up to now, the Live video attracted 10,189 views on All in Print Cloud and 23,000 views on Twitter. Over 200 buyers from Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam sent 373 inquiries to exhibitors online. 


Nearly 50 representative exhibitors from digital printing, post-press, packaging, and other fields displayed advanced products and solutions.  It helped companies develop overseas markets over the limitations of time and space and connect with global "printers".


"Efficient, Precise, Matching" were the evaluation given by many exhibitors who participated in the activity. Many companies including Masterwork, Cron, Zhengrun, Tiancen, Jukai, Wetry, Youbond, Jialite, China Banknote mentioned that they had received inquiries from many buyers and started following communication.

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In next months, All in Print will continue to organize more international matchmaking meetings to help buyers and suppliers match accurately and expand more trade business opportunities for industries.If you are interested in matchmaking activities then, please feel free to contact us.


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