Common Problems in the Production Using Digital Printing Equipment

Time:2023-06-07 From:

Digital printing equipment has been widely used in the market due to its many advantages, but there are still some problems in the production process. Here are some common malfunctions of digital printing equipment in production, which we hope will be helpful to you.


Printing color and sample color difference


In the production of digital printing machines, a common problem is that there is a significant difference between the printed color and the sample color. The main reasons include different ink components and ink thickness. The ink components and pigments used in traditional printing machines and digital printing machines are different, resulting in differences in the hue of basic colors. In addition, the ink layer of traditional printing machines is thicker, while the ink layer thickness of digital printing equipment varies. Electronic ink and inkjet digital printing equipment have better printing effects when chasing thicker ink layers, while toner digital printing equipment may have difficulties in chasing thicker ink layers for color samples. Therefore, to solve the problem of color difference, it is necessary to cooperate with equipment manufacturers and use a unified Pantone color system to make the ink base color consistent with Pantone color.



Ink Instability


The reasons for ink instability after printing on digital printing machines include low surface energy of the material, poor ink drying, and limitations of the equipment itself. To solve the problem of ink instability, it is necessary to pre-treat the material to increase its surface energy and conduct online ink testing to ensure ink stability. For toner digital printing equipment, it is necessary to apply a coating or film after printing to protect the ink layer.


In short, with the continuous upgrading of consumer demand, the application of digital printing equipment in the field of label printing will become more and more diverse.