Thrilling! The Era of Domestic 1200dpi HD Inkjet Era has Arrived! An Overview of Domestic 1200dpi Inkjet Presses

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In recent years, in response to the ever-changing consumer environment, digital printing press suppliers have been pushing the envelope to upgrade inkjet technology, achieving major breakthroughs in print quality, speed and media.


High-speed inkjet presses, which were unveiled at drupa 2008, have been used in China since 2018. For a long time, foreign inkjet presses have maintained a leading technological advantage. Nevertheless, the equipment was expensive and costly to operate. As a result, only a small number of presses have been installed in high-end printing companies in China. According to industry experts, the application of inkjet printing technology is the biggest opportunity for Chinese printing press manufacturers to outperform their global competitors.


In 2018, domestic black-and-white rotary inkjet presses made their debut at the 7th All in Print China.


In 2020, at the 8th All in Print, digital printing press suppliers such as Founder Electronics, Shield, Inkj, Spande and HanGlobal exhibited their high-speed inkjet presses, marking the breakthrough of domestic rotary inkjet presses from black-and-white to color.


From 2020 to 2021, new technologies have given rise to new dynamics. Domestic high-speed inkjet presses continue to improve print quality, have very high cost performance for medium and small orders, and enable flexible production, thus rapidly gaining market recognition. From 2019, the number of domestic equipment installed each year has increased significantly. About 280 units were installed in 2020 and 2021, respectively.


In 2022, enthusiastic feedback from the market encouraged suppliers to further increase R&D efforts and enrich product lines. In 2022, major breakthroughs were made in domestic color rotary inkjet printing presses and related technologies, and domestically produced 1200dpi HD color rotary inkjet presses hit the market.


From H2 of 2022 to 2023, a number of suppliers launched 1200 dpi color rotary high-speed inkjet presses. In addition to offset paper and digital offset paper, coated paper was added to the range of substrates, a critical step in the rapid development of high-speed inkjet presses. At the same time, inkjet printing suppliers in the digital label sector began to launch 1200dpi equipment.


The dots of 1200 dpi inkjet printing are much finer than those of traditional 175-line offset printing, bringing the print quality of domestic rotary inkjet presses to new heights. In addition, compared with offset printing, the break-even point for the initial volume of high-speed inkjet printing has been raised to about 2,000 copies, providing more options for printers in business areas such as on-demand publishing, commercial printing, government document printing, and labeling. The successful application of coated paper printing has also accelerated the future expansion of high-speed inkjet presses into the packaging sector.


From November 1-4, 2023, The 9th All in Print China will bring domestic high-speed inkjet solution providers under one roof and a slew of international famous brands will be showcased on the same stage, you will once again see top-notch high-speed inkjet presses on display!


Founder Electronics

Founder Jieying HD Color Inkjet Rotary Press P4400CHD/5600CHD/P6600CHD

It is a milestone product in the field of inkjet printing in China. The press is equipped with the 1200dpi industrial grade piezo printhead and finer multi-stage ink droplet combination control technology. Dedicated water-based pigment inks from top ink manufacturers are used, with a minimum ink droplet of only 1.5pL at the printhead. Color quality superior to that of traditional printing is achieved through Founder’s ever-improving rotary mechanical platform, upgraded tensioning and drying system, new RIP screening and text processing, and color management technology developed over the past decade and more.

Super High Print Quality


The equipment has great advantages such as "print quality comparable to that of traditional offset printing, ultra-low ink cost, efficient and stable capacity release, and long service life", helping customers to gain the upper hand in the market competition with excellent print quality and lower overall costs. The recently released P6600CHD3.0 solves the problem of high-speed inkjet printing on coated paper and achieves high-definition, fine and realistic color print quality on coated paper, marking another milestone in the breakthrough development of domestic high-speed inkjet presses. Compared with 600dpi color presses, the equipment offers approximately 30% lower operating costs and 30% higher productivity, enabling companies to further improve their profitability. In addition, Founder offers the P4400HD/P5600HD 1200dpi HD Black-and-White Inkjet Rotary Press for books and periodicals, providing customers with more choices.



Shield Jingcai M440C/M680C

Color Digital Inkjet Press

This color digital inkjet press has the highest resolution of its kind in China, with a physical resolution of up to 1600dpi for the printhead. Double-sided color printing is employed for high-resolution images. The ink droplets are as small as 2.1pL. The press is equipped with a full servo drive and a high-precision deskew positioning system. It is a roll-to-sheet model, which can perform inline slitting of paper after printing and label misalignment slitting for the subsequent binding process. The maximum speed is 120m/min. Its high paper printability enables high-quality coated paper printing.

1600dpi Ultra HD Coated Paper Print Sample


It is worth mentioning that Jingcai M440C Color Digital Inkjet Press requires only 2 printheads per print color with only one printhead splice, which is currently an industry record. With the best setup of its kind in China, the press with a comprehensive digital workflow system can deliver high-quality full-color printing!


In addition, Shield’s 1600dpi HD inkjet series also includes Jingcai M330C Color High-Speed Inkjet Press, Jingrui M440/M680 Monochrome High-Speed Inkjet Press, and Jingrui M440-R/M680-R/M880-R Monochrome High-Speed Inkjet Press, to meet the needs of customers in various production scenarios.


Inkj Digital Technology

Inkj HD Series Inkjet Rotary Digital Press


Black-and-White Inkjet Rotary Digital Press INKJ DT4402


Inkj’s HD Color Inkjet Rotary Digital Press INKJ DT4402CHD uses Kyocera’s next-generation 1200dpi*1200dpi industrial grade on-demand piezo printheads, with a minimum ink droplet of 1.5PL. The multi-stage variable ink droplet technology makes the color gradation fine and natural and the flat screen smoother for high-resolution images. The maximum print speed is up to 150m/min. Thanks to the unique dot design and reasonable waveform control, high-quality printing effect can be achieved on various print media. With the new ink droplet anti-turbulence technology, the ink-carrying capacity of water-based ink printing is improved by combining different drying methods. INKJ DT4402CHD improves image quality and solves the problem of printing on non-permeable media such as coated paper with high-speed digital inkjet presses, achieving a print quality truly comparable to that of offset printing. No inline coating or pre-coating process is required. The press is ready to print when it is turned on. This truly enables high-speed digital inkjet presses to print perfectly on regular coated paper, saving labor and material costs and enhancing the core competitiveness of printing companies.

INKJ DT4402CHD Coated Paper Print Sample


In terms of cutting, INKJ DT4402CHD adopts the latest generation of independently developed integrated cutting system. The new system nearly doubles the speed of the previous one, meeting the requirements of cutting at a print speed of 150 m/minute. The new system is designed to be integrated with the printing unit, resulting in higher integrity and smarter equipment. In addition, the overall compactness of the equipment saves space and facilitates installation, increasing the printer’s capacity while reducing wasted resources. Inkj’s HD Color Inkjet Rotary Digital Press INKJ DT4402CHD and Black-and-White Inkjet Rotary Digital Press INKJ DT4402 both featurestable and efficient continuous production capacity, ultra-low operating costs and longer service life, and more flexible upgrade options. The two models can be widely used in production areas such as graphic express printing, government document printing and printing.



WTECH KaizhiJET 8800 

Full-Width Inkjet Rotary Press

KaizhiJET 8800 has the largest width among Chinese inkjet products, with a maximum print width of 880mm. With this press, users can print on paper with widths of 440mm, 560mm, 650mm, 717mm, 787mm, 880mm, etc. The equipment is available in single-color, two-color and four-color configurations, with a maximum resolution of 1200×2400 dpi, suitable for customers with different needs. With a maximum printing speed of 120 m/min, it has an instantaneous capacity of 60 to 80 million prints (A4), fully satisfying users’ needs for emergency printing.


Kaizhi 8800 is compatible with inline coating, which means that it is possible to use this inkjet press to print on regular coated paper. The paper maintains high stability at high speeds, making it possible to achieve accurate multi-color registration at high print speeds. The automatic loading module for two paper rolls meets customers’ needs for paper change without stopping the press during printing, greatly increasing the capacity for continuous production.


With three take-up modes, i.e., roll-to-roll, roll-to-sheet, and the pioneering 787mm/880mm dual-size auto-fold and take-up unit, Kaizhi 8800 meets the needs of various users. Thanks to the inline folding mode, the finished prints can be bound directly, which greatly improves productivity.


WTECH’s independently developed Distributed RIP System (DRS) can process more than 1,000 pages of color PDF documents per minute, minimizing print preparation time. Another software system, Taylors, integrates a customer application system for visual layout and print queue management, supporting simultaneous printing and job processing to maximize productivity.


In addition, WTECH has released its latest platform of 440/560 width color (monochrome) rotary inkjet presses, rotary inline saddle stitches and other ancillary equipment to provide diversified choices for different markets and customers.



Spande SPD-C440WD

Color Rotary Inkjet Printing System

Inkjet printing on coated paper + newsprint can be achieved with SPD-C440WD. The high saturation water-based pigment ink with 1200dpi×1200dpi ultra-high printing precision guarantees high-quality printing. Moreover, the 440mm width makes it possible to place two A4 sheets horizontally, and the positioning accuracy error is only ±0.2mm, realizing high-quality front and back registration. SPD-C440WD is specially developed for high-quality books and periodicals.

The Effect of SPD-C440WD Coated Paper Print Sample



HanGlobal Kirin660X New All-in-One Digital Inkjet

Solution for Books and Periodicals

Developed for more demanding POD (printing-on-demand) applications, Kirin 660X meets the needs of domestic and international markets for POD publishing, government document printing, industrial manuals, commercial printing, and more. Designed for industrial production, the solution offers the advantages of high-volume production, quality, flexibility, reliability, and ultra-high returns.


It adopts the next-generation 1200 DPI inkjet printing technology and is equipped with high-resolution industrial-grade printheads + integrated inkjet control system. With a high precision output of up to 1200*1200 dpi, its print quality is comparable to that of offset printing. The solution achieves a new level in high-speed inkjet printing in terms of vivid image quality, texture, detail and realistic color reproduction, meeting China’s national standards for book and periodical print quality. Industrialized, automated and integrated inkjet printing of books and periodicals is realized, covering the entire production process from feeding, deskewing, printing, drying and taking-up to post-processing steps such as cutting and stacking. The maximum production speed is 150 m/min and the speed of order change is faster, making it ideal for industrial and flexible production. No plate making is required and printing is on demand. The solution is fully capable of meeting customers’ needs for small, multi-batch orders as well as high-volume production orders in daily use. The solution features integrated body design + high-precision processing + advanced tension control system. In addition, it is equipped with core accessories from leading international brands and excellent hardware and software. All these ensure long-term stable production of the equipment.


RTZ Inkjet Printing


POD High-Speed Inkjet Digital Printing Press

The FLORA Phenix 330C Color Rotary Inkjet Printing Press integrates core functions such as inkjet control technology and media transfer technology independently developed by RTZ, with its design following the megatrend of energy saving, environmental protection and intelligence. The configuration of the equipment is improved to realize the maximum print speed of 100m/min. The printing press is equipped with 1200dpi industrial grade on-demand piezo printheads.


Thanks to Epson's exclusive PrecisionCore technology, the FLORA Phenix color/black-and-white series achieves more precise and efficient print quality. The accuracy of register printing is no more than 0.1mm in double-sided printing mode. The equipment can be used for intelligent inline cutting, as well as staggered stacking and split copy output. The main application scenarios of the equipment are graphic express printing, government document printing and printing of educational materials.



Yintech DPM440C/560C/660C Series

HD Color Inkjet Rotary Digital Press

The core technology of Yintech’s DPM440C/560C/660C series is applied to the ink supply system, printhead splicing, compensation, and squeegeeing to improve print quality and the service life of printheads. The intelligent ink distribution system enables high-quality printing while reducing ink consumption, making it truly cost-effective. The unique, industry-leading printhead drive technology maximizes the high performance in all printhead metrics. The press improves print quality from the source with minimum ink droplets of 1.5pl, maximum print speed of 180m/min, and high precision output with resolution of 1200*1200dpi. The multi-point printing technology is adopted, resulting in smooth text and image edges and high definition. The independent drying and cooling system makes it possible to print on regular coated paper.


HAOTIAN Machinery

HAOTIAN Machinery HTS-220/330-9C

Digital Inkjet Press

HAOTIAN Machinery’s HTS-220/330-9C Digital Inkjet Press is equipped with the world’s best high-speed, high-precision industrial-grade on-demand piezo printheads, with a maximum speed of 50m/min and a maximum accuracy of 1200dpi.

The press can be equipped with nine sets of printing modules for a variety of printing processes. Full-color printing on transparent and non-transparent materials can be easily achieved with the equipment, which features multi-page queuing, plateless printing, single sheet printing, variable data and other functions. The multiple spot-color hybrid printing mode enables a wider color gamut and further expansion of the printing range, while reducing ink costs, minimizing printing processes and greatly enhancing efficiency. The non-contact inkjet printing method eliminates the need for recoating during printing. With high material adaptability, the press is perfectly suited for paper, PVC, PET, PE, BOPP, gold and silver foil and other materials. The surface does not need to be pre-coated, reducing the process and cost.


Featuring short print cycles, HTS-220/330-9C is designed for a wide variety of products in large and small batches. Compared with traditional equipment, there is no need to spend time debugging the equipment, the order change is faster, and the capacity is more than doubled. Exclusive RIP color separation software and waveforms from the original ink manufacturer are used, ICCs can be custom created by the user, and UV inks have an exclusive texture, helping produce beautiful print quality and fully exploit the imagination of brand owners. For example, the press has an automatic no-whitening function to pre-save ICC curves for common materials on the market, making it easy to select the best ICC profile for the press and paper to achieve the best color reproduction.


KINGT Technology

KINGT L-Press 510

High-Speed Digital Label Press

KINGT’s L-Press 510 High-Speed Digital Label Press is equipped with the industry’s best Samba printhead, highlighting the outstanding advantages of high precision, high productivity, long service life and easy maintenance. The equipment has a maximum print width of 510mm and a maximum physical resolution of 1200dpi*1200dpi. A minimum ink droplet of 2PL makes it possible to print 0.9pt fonts. With the edge enhancement function, the fine lines in complex lines can be realistically reproduced, and the lines remain fine and smooth even at 100x magnification. In addition to high-precision imaging, the speed at full resolution is up to 80m/min. Equipped with a high-precision frame and self-developed key precision components, the press can run efficiently 24/7 without stopping to meet the needs of continuous and efficient production.


A wide color gamut is available for printing, and a coverage of nearly 95% of Pantone colors is guaranteed. The color ink is transparent and the white ink has strong opacity to provide exceptional color performance. As a result, delicate images can be produced with a high degree of color fidelity, resulting in image-level print effects. The prints also have excellent abrasion, heat and light resistance, and do not lose color when exposed to water and oil, fully meeting the needs of special applications with greater adaptability.


For KINGT’s L-Press 330I/330S High-Speed Digital Label Press, the optional Samba printhead or proprietary printhead is also available. With a physical resolution of up to 1200dpi*1200dpi and a maximum print width of 330mm, it is the ideal choice with superior cost-effectiveness and the same outstanding performance. KINGT’s L series of presses are widely used for the printing of household chemicals, food and wine, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, special industrial labels, and various variable data and anti-counterfeiting labels.

All of the above brands have confirmed their participation in the 9th All in Print China. Pre-register now on the official website. Join us at the 9th All in Print China on November 1-4, 2023 to see a dazzling array of domestic 1200dpi HD inkjet solutions. More 1200dpi HD inkjet solutions from internationally renowned brands will also be on display, giving you more choices!



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