Masterwork Group Released Exhibition Program for All in Print China 2023

Time:2023-08-21 From:

During All in Print China 2023 International Media Week on August 15th, Masterwork Group released their exhibition program for All in Print China 2023.


Masterwork's exhibition program (part)



1. Smart and efficient solutions:
MK Mastermatrix106CSB full-clearance die cutter with MK Diana Smart80B folder checker.
MK Mastermatrix106CSB full-clean die cutter with 9000 sheets/hour running speed, with MasterFeeder and MasterLogistic automatic logistics system, ensures high automation and non-stop production;


2. Cost-effective solutions
The combination of Yoyue-MK1060FC hot foil stamping machine and Yoyue-MK1060CS-A die-cutting machine, together with Diana eye 55 inspection machine and Diana Easy 65 plus folder gluer, forms a complete production line for social packaging


Wth an exhibition area of 1,100 square meters, Masterwork Group will make a prominent appearance in Hall N5 of All in Print China, focusing on smart and efficient solutions and cost-effective solutions.