How to solve the color difference in printing production? These six elements are crucial!

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Chromatic aberration is the difference in color. In daily life, we often say that color difference refers to the phenomenon of color inconsistency when the human eye observes the product. For example, in the printing industry, the difference in color between the printed product and the standard sample provided by the customer.

In industry and commerce, accurate assessment of product color differences is a very important part of the process. However, a variety of factors such as the light source, observation angle, and the observer's own conditions during visual color measurement can lead to differences in color evaluation.

There is a certain amount of color difference in the print, we can only be based on certain experience and judgment, so that the print close to the color of the design. So, how to control the color difference, so that the printed products close to the color of the design?


Color mixing session

Printing color mixing link is a whole chromatic aberration adjustment in the core content, usually many enterprises of printing technicians, in color mixing only pay attention to experience or their own feelings to color mixing, neither counted nor standardized, and no unified standards, only in a very primitive state of color mixing, very casual.

On the one hand, there is no effect on the improvement of the color difference; on the other hand, it is difficult to obtain the adjustment of the hue; thirdly, there is no proper skill to shape the color matching ability of the staff.

Before color mixing should pay special attention to prevent the use of different manufacturers of printing ink system to color mixing, it is best to use the same manufacturer of printing ink for color mixing, color mixing staff necessary to fully grasp the various printing ink color phase deviation, help in the color mixing process control.

Before toning if there is the use of the remaining printing ink, be sure to first clarify the hue of the printing ink, check the printing ink identification card is not exact, it is best to be able to use the scraping stick to scrape the sample observation control, followed by adding, before joining should strengthen the weight of the weighing, it will record the data.

In addition, when adjusting the intensity of spot-color ink, you can also use the way of metrology for color mixing, scraping ink color samples must be proportional, and to the white background, which helps to control with the unified standard sample. When the color phase reaches more than 90% of the unified standard sample, strengthen the viscosity adjustment. We are able to proofing, followed by fine tuning on it.

It is worth mentioning that the color mixing process must pay special attention to the accuracy of the data, the accuracy of the electronic scale which is important for the process data parameters summary later. When the printing ink ratios to strengthen the data, through several times to practice will be able to quickly and reasonably adjust the color, but also to avoid the problem of color differences.

It is best to be able to unify the ink distribution according to the size of the order, it is best to be able to complete the color matching work at once to prevent the color deviation caused by several color matching. Can reasonably reduce the occurrence of color difference with the rest of the printing ink.

When verifying the color, sometimes the color looks the same even under general light, but looks different under another light source, so you should choose to use a uniform standard light source for color viewing or color comparison.


Printing squeegee

If in the production process often move the scraper knife, will change the scraper knife work position, not conducive to the normal transfer of printing ink and color reproduction, in addition to the pressure of the scraper knife can not be changed at will.

In the production process before the need to print based on the status of the plate roller graphics, adjust the angle and position, under the knife must pay special attention to the hand action of clean and sharp, scraping the angle of the knife is usually between 50-60 degrees, scraping the knife to pay special attention to the layout of three points of proportionality, that is, the left in the right ink layer to the same. In addition, before the knife to pay special attention to check the three points of the scraper is not loaded balance, there will be no wave type and a high and a low situation, which is important for the color stability of the print.


Adjustment of viscosity

Before production processing to strengthen the viscosity adjustment, it is best to be able to adjust according to the expected machine speed, after adding the solvent to be fully mixed, and then start the production processing. To accelerate the production process to check the products under the machine to meet the quality consciousness standard, then you can carry out the viscosity detection, as a unified standard viscosity value of this product, this value should be recorded immediately and exactly and the whole single product according to the data for adjustment, can reasonably reduce the color deviation problem arising from the change of viscosity.

Viscosity detection should pay special attention to its detection skills, usually to the printing ink barrel or printing ink basin in the main body of the detection, the detection must be cleaned before the No. 3 viscosity cup, to facilitate accurate detection.

In the production process under normal circumstances, it is recommended that 20-30 minutes to carry out a sampling test viscosity, the machine manager or technician can be adjusted according to the change in viscosity value.

In adjusting the printing ink viscosity to join the solvent, pay special attention not to directly impact the printing ink, in case it leads to the destruction of the printing ink system under normal circumstances, the separation of resin and pigment occurs, and then the print occurs blossom, color reproducibility is not enough.


Production environment

The adjustment of the air humidity in the workshop, under normal circumstances we adjust between 55%-65% is more appropriate.

Humidity is too high will affect the solubility of the printing ink, especially the shallow network area of the transfer is difficult to show properly. Reasonable adjustment of air humidity, the ink printing effect and the adjustment of color difference has an improved role.


Raw materials

The surface tension of raw materials is not qualified, affecting the printing ink in the substrate wetting and transfer effect, will also affect the printing ink on the film color display effect, but also affect the color difference is one of the factors.

To ensure the quality of raw materials is a prerequisite for quality control, it is important to choose a qualified and reputable supplier!


Quality Awareness

Quality Awareness: This refers to a degree of perception of product quality by production, processing and quality management personnel.

This degree of perception must be obvious, specifically reflected in the details of the work. Then in the adjustment of color difference is mainly to guide the staff's quality consciousness to be improved, to strive for excellence in their work, and to shape the concept of product quality.