Founder Electronics Released Exhibition Program for All in Print China 2023

Time:2023-08-22 From:

During All in Print China 2023 International Media Week on August 15th, Beijing Founder Electronics Co., Ltd. released their exhibition program for All in Print China 2023, as well as the relevant products and technical specifications.


Founder's exhibition program (part)  


P4400CHD, P5600CHD, P6600CHD high-speed inkjet machines, mainly for commercial and booklet printing market; with Ink drop size minimum 1.5pl; its maximum paper travelling width and maximum imaging width up to 660mm;

Solutions to outstanding problems

Ink: more regular ink drop shape, more precise ink drop control, better colour density, etc;

Drying: new water-cooled unit to improve drying capacity, stable operation, with the possibility of further solving the problem of drawing;

Software: RIP, colour management, drawing, ink spot, etc. 


Founder Electronics will make a stunning appearance in Digital Printing Pavilion of All in Print China 2023, bringing several sets of digital printing solutions and launching a brand new product.