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GJS Launches new Marketing for Print Masterclass & reinstates screen printing courses due to popular demand



GJS has launched itse Marketing for Print Masterclass, a new course designed specifically to assist the print industry with marketing and digital communications education.

The masterclass bolsters GJS’ broad range of printing and business courses and brings its total number of bespoke training programs to seven including direct-to-garment printing, dye sublimation, UV printing, graphics software applications and the perennially popular Introduction to Digital Printing.

“Developed after four years of feedback from the GJS Roadshow and with more than 40 years’ experience marketing our own successful print business, the Marketing for Print Masterclass is designed to help our customers be successful with their businesses and truly profit from print,” said Lukas Picton, director of marketing, GJS.

“Our customers are already amazing at what they do in the print room, but they also have to be masters of marketing, advertising, public relations and social media. This course has been designed to equip them with the necessary skills to create and run metrics-based and ROI-driven marketing campaigns that will benefit their print businesses,” Lukas added.

The Marketing for Print Masterclass covers a range of marketing and digital communications topics including:
• The importance of business and marketing planning
• The role of brand storytelling and how to find your brand voice and tone
• How to set SMART objectives for both your business and marketing plans
• How to profile and segment your audiences for more accurate targetting
• How to unlock your hidden creative with various brainstorming techniques
• Choosing the right marketing tactics to reach your audiences
• The psychology behind how people purchase
• The importance of social proof in your marketing campaigns
• Choosing the right social platform(s) to reach your audience and how to correlate your social strategy to your customer profiles
• Facebook Ads Manager deep-dive: how to choose the right objectives, upload and track customer data and A/B ad testing
• How to effectively measure your marketing campaigns and track ROI

The first attendees wishing to book into GJS’ Marketing for Print Masterclass will enjoy $100 off the ticket price by entering the discount code MARKETING when purchasing tickets.

GJS today also reinstated its dedicated screen printing course in response to demand for continued training in this area and to round out its digital education offering. The screen printing course was originally introduced to the industry by GJS founder and ex-managing director Graham Stone in the early 1990s.

“We’re definitely seeing a demand for training in some of these more traditional forms of printing,” said Stephen Tuck, GJS screen printing supplies and services manager. “And this demand is coming from a range of places including students of fashion and design, hobbyists and we’re even seeing digital print houses adding screen printing to their workflow.”

GJS' reinstated Introduction to Screen Printing course will cover everything needed to set-up and start operating your own screen printing business including mesh selection, screen preparation, stencil-making, right through to printing and curing your creations.

Attendees wishing to book into GJS’ Introduction to Screen Printing course will enjoy $50 off the ticket price by entering the discount code SCREEN when purchasing tickets.