SADEQDIE fiber laser welding machine

Time:2023-09-04 From:

Advantages of fiber laser welding machine:

1. High welding speed, about 2-10 times faster than traditional sub arc welding, and the welding does not damage the eyes.

2. Easy to operate, easy to learn welding machine operation, and easy to produce high quality finishing.

3. Easy to operate, by just pulling to form good welding seams, without the need for external polishing processes.

4. The welded workpiece does not deform, has no welding scars, and is firmly welded.

5. Fiber laser welding has fewer consuming parts and has a long service lifetime.

6. No need to use welding wire, avoiding the problem of solder joint thickening.

7. It can be equipped with its own welding platform, making automatic welding more perfect and further easier to operate.